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Text solutions for your German-language marketing

Persuade and enthuse your German-speaking customers and prospects with professional advertising copy, creative ideas and waterproof communication concepts. Being a German copywriter for more than 20 years, I create German text solutions for you that meet your business challenges.

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One German copywriter – three good reasons:

High text quality

Copy that is convincing in every respect: creativity, tonality, grammar and spelling.

Swift processing

You can rely on my professional text support, even when time is tight. Send a request!

Fair pricing

Boost your business with German advertising text that is worth its price. Ask for a quote!

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Work examples

Would you like to read examples of my advertising copy? Just contact me and I’ll send you my portfolio, including work examples.

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German Copywriter Harald Goller German Copywriter Harald Goller German Copywriter Harald Goller German Copywriter Harald Goller

Team player

Benefit from my network of experienced graphic designers, web developers and other specialists. You can hire us as a team!

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Seal of approval: Professional Copywriter – admitted by the Fachverband freier Werbetexter e.V. Seal of approval: Professional Copywriter – admitted by the Fachverband freier Werbetexter e.V. Seal of approval: Professional Copywriter – admitted by the Fachverband freier Werbetexter e.V. Seal of approval: Professional Copywriter – admitted by the Fachverband freier Werbetexter e.V.

Member of Texterverband

Texterverband is the association of German copywriters. Members have to prove their professional skills in order to be admitted.

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My radius of action as a German copywriter

Websites and landing pages, packaging text and POS advertising, text ads and online displays, comic strips, customer newspaper articles, mailings and e-mailings, speaker text, catalogues and brochures

Branches and brands I have worked for as a German copywriter:

Automotive: Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Fiat | Education: Studienkreis-Nachhilfe | Compliance: SwissComply | Energy: Hamburg Energie, LichtBlick, eprimo | Environmental management: Reclay | Finance: Bank of Scotland, Barclaycard, Comdirect, Cortal Consors, Haspa, Lloyd Fonds, Standard Chartered | FMCG: Alveus Tea, Lebensbaum, Pedigree, Pralinenbote, Thüringer Waldquell | Industrial constructions: Harz Hallen & Zelte | Trading: Edeka, Lidl | Real estate: Krossa & Co. | Media: Die Zeit, 20 Minuten | Travel: AIDA Cruises, Finnlines | Technology: Bosch, Dräger | Telecom: Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile, Vodafone | Luxury: Chronovision, Designhütte | Consumer electronics: Panasonic, Technics | Shipping: Deutsche Post, DHL | Transport: HVV/Hamburger Hochbahn | Insurance: On Service, VGH, Zurich Connect

Need a German copywriter for your advertising media?

Get the right text for every channel of communication.

Mailing text in German

With newsletters, inbox ads, direct mails or sales letters, you can address your German-speaking target group one-to-one. Make an impact by attracting the attention of the recipient, arousing interest, triggering desire, and leading them to action. Sound familiar? It’s the classic AIDA formula for successful dialogue marketing. Let me put it into practice for you.

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Website text in German

Make your German-speaking customers feel at home on your website by speaking to them in their own language. With German website copy which not only contains all the important keywords, but that gets to the heart of your offering and tells an engaging story about your brand. Creating a positive user experience that will pay off for your business.

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Print text in German

In digital times, referring to print advertising might be a brilliant idea to stand out from the crowd. For this purpose, having a convincing and powerful message is just as important as impressing with a great design. You can rely on my support as a German copywriter in creating inspiring text solutions for all of your printed advertising material.

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Datalogue: “Lean processes and happy clients”

“When working together with Harald, we benefit from perfect conceptual approaches and precise copy that get to the heart of the issue, along with a consistent development. This leads to lean coordination processes and happy clients. For many years now, I’ve known Harald to be a pleasant and intelligent person you always like to sit down with at a table. So I am looking forward to working together with him on many more projects to come.” (Translated from German.)

Kristin Gommert, Team Leader Consultancy, Datalogue GmbH

Dräger: “It’s a premier.”

“Dear Mr Goller, I’m very enthusiastic about your text. Receiving a text without any technical errors is a premier for us. What’s more, conclusions are expressed in a very elegant and concise manner.” (Translated form German.)

Reiner Harm, Product Manager, Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

Pralinenbote: “By doing a good job, you are facilitating mine.”

“Time and again, I’m amazed by the creativity of your copy, often despite our sparse briefings. Not only creative, but also swift. Working with you is really delightful thanks to your friendly manner. You help me out of trouble every now and then by thinking ahead. I’m totally satisfied! By doing a good job, you are facilitating mine. (Translated from German.)”

Silke Tenbensel, Online Marketing and Company Presents Service, Pralinenbote GmbH

Swiss Comply: “Pleasant, professional and very efficient”

“Although compliance services is a dry and complicated subject, both companies, Wortlotse and Elbkopf, have managed to develop a comprehensible and appealing website for SwissComply. The cooperation was pleasant, professional and very efficient, and the costs remained within the agreed budget, too.” (Translated from German.)

Heinz G. Perren, Partner, SwissComply AG

Marco Cappell: “100 per cent consistent”

“While looking for a copywriter for a promotional letter, I came across Mr Goller. He responded immediately to my request and asked detailed questions on the subject. Our collaboration was focused on the important points. The outcome was 100 per cent consistent, and we were satisfied. Many thanks – I’m looking forward to the next time.” (Translated from German.)

Marco Cappell, CEO, Marco Cappell Notfallmanagement

Alveus Tea: “Candies of every size”

“Thanks to your swift and straightforward approach, and your creative power, you manage to transform our ideas into candies of every size that sweeten the continued work on our projects. It’s a pleasure to read the appealing (and also crisp) slogans and copy you create on the basis of our rough briefings. They raise content and ensure charmed smiles within our team. And that is a great foundation for delivering delight to our customers, too! Dear Harald, many thanks for being a real enrichment to our team!” (Translated from German.)

Petra Diehl, Marketing/PR Manager, alveus GmbH Tea Import & Export

Walter Plötz: “The art of reducing complexity”

“Unlike many others, Harald knows how to transform even challenging technical topics into smart, comprehensible and yet accurate copy. That’s how he manages to keep long copy crisp over many pages. At the same time, he also masters the art of reducing the complexity of demanding challenges. This means he creates striking claims, fitting product names and headlines in the best sense of the word.” (Translated from German.)

Walter Plötz, Creative Director, Just Plötz

Wirz Activation: “His only mistake …”

“Whoever wants to know more about Harald Goller can send me an email. Actually, Harald’s only mistake is: he doesn’t want to get on my payroll as an employee.” (Translated from German.)

Jörg Bewersdorff, CEO, Wirz Activation

FAQ – Copywriting in German

Answers to your questions

What characterises a good marketing text?

In my view, there are two main criteria that distinguish a good marketing text frrom a bad one. The first one is brand fit. The text’s tone of voice has got to be consistent with the character of the brand or the enterprise in order to be authentic. The second one is user perspective. The text has got to adopt the user’s point of view in order to be relevant. Moreover, of course, it should be written in a positive, engaging way and be clear about how the user can profit from the offer’s benefits. Last but not least, it should be flawless with regard to grammar and orthography in order to give a professional impression.

What kind of information do you need as a copywriter in order to provide us with text for our advertising campaigns?

As a copywriter, before I start writing I need to have a clear picture of both the advertising brand and the target group. Then, of course, I need a description of the offer and its benefits. The object of the advertising should also be clarified, as well as which message(s) should be communicated. If you decide to engage me as a freelance German copywriter for your advertising project, I will clarify these points with you in order to create a text solution swiftly that is in line with your ideas and concepts.

How can we convince ourselves of the professional quality of your text support?

Just contact me and ask for examples of my work. If you give me a brief summary of your project, I will send you an individual compilation of my most relevant text examples on the subject matter.

What is the price of your advertising text?

What counts in advertising text is quality, not quantity. The effort that is necessary to write good headlines and copy depends on a variety of factors: Is the task clear or is there need for clarification? Is all the necessary information contained in the briefing or is there a need for further research? Depending on your answers to these questions, I can assess my expected effort and send you an individual quote.

Take me aboard as a German copywriter

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